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When Zomato’s co-founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal posted on professional networking website, LinkedIn that the foodtech unicorn is hiring across 800 job roles in different categories, it was met with mixed reactions. 
While the hiring news amid layoffs is always interesting, the excitement might dampen once you scroll down and go deeper into the job descriptions (JD). 
For instance, in the Chief of Staff to CEO job role, the job description caught the attention of netizens, which read: “Work life integration- this is a 24X7 job, and the traditional mindset of work life balance won’t work.” Another job role, that of Growth Manager, requires the employees to be available on festivals and holidays. “Work life integration – We are in the hospitality business, we work when our customers celebrate; be prepared to be switched on during our largest festivals and holidays,” the JD read. 
One of the JDs emphasised that an ideal employee for the role of Product Owner should have a high emotional quotient as well as intelligent quotient. The description also revealed that for this role “good enough is not good enough.”
While the hiring part received some cheer, netizens were quick to point out that zomato is promoting a toxic work culture. One of the users wrote, “”This is a 24×7 job, and the traditional employee mindset of work-life balance won’t work” – are you serious? The very fact that you’re openly marketing this toxic JD on your LinkedIn feed shoes exactly what’s wrong with your company and why people shouldn’t be applying there. Treat employees like humans and not slaves. Also, before asking employees to have high IQ+EQ that is beyond “good enough”, maybe the person who wrote this as well as the one who approved this need to improve theirs? Just a suggestion.”
Another user wrote that she declined an offer from Zomato for the same reason. “Declined an offer from Zomato a couple of months ago for the same toxic mindset that everyone in this company shares. The interviewer was eating while taking the interview (professional ethics) and asked me to available 7 days a week (24*7). This isn’t generating employment in the country, this is generating slavery and inviting mental health diseases,” she wrote. 
Business Today reached out to the National Stock Exchange-listed company. The copy will be updated with the response.

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